DoubleClick TV Software Installation Guide for iPhone


DoubleClick TV is the world’s largest and most reliable IPTV/OTT streaming platform,
delivering over 5000 TB in streaming content per month to thousands of customers
around the globe.

A simple user interface and an extensive collection of HD channels offer us the most
satisfactory IPTV service in the USA, Canada, Latin America, and the UK. We
broadcast thousands of live channels to stream premium HD content. Our existing
customers praise the quality of the content we deliver through our IPTV service.

Our main goal is to deliver entertaining content on all the popular platforms and devices
that people use nowadays. You can access DoubleClick TV on Apple devices, Android
devices, smart TVs, phones, tabs, and on PCs. You just need decent internet
connectivity to stream the desired content.

Opt for our free trial now to assess our services. We are also offering 7-day money-back
guarantee to ensure you are satisfied with our services. So, give it a try if you are tired
of dealing with cable TV and DTH services or bad IPTV Providers.

DoubleClick TV lets you watch TV anywhere. We all know how annoying it could be when
you want to download an app, software, or program and you can’t seem to find it on
your apple AppStore. Hence, we made this guide to assist you in downloading and
navigating through DoubleClick TV for iPhones with ease.


This guide will walk you through the process of effortlessly downloading and using the
DoubleClick TV App on your iPhone. Please read it carefully and thoroughly as it contains
important information for ensuring you have a great DoubleClick TV experience.
Here are quick and easy steps to DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL DoubleClick TV on your
Apple iPhone.

STEP 1: Install IPTV- Smarters Player App

Search for and install the IPTV Smarters Player App (aka IPTV Smarters Pro) from the


Now that the app is installed and ready to use, go ahead and launch the app. After
launching the app, you will be asked to enter your login details.
Log in details would include
• Your name
• Username
• Password
• URL: Portal 

Immediately after login, a white screen appears saying ‘Please wait, while we are
getting things ready for the first time’ and ‘Downloading Channels, VOD and Series’.

You will be presented with an option for parental control. This feature allows you to set
restrictions and control what your kids have access to which could be based either on
maturity ratings or age. If you are a parent, go ahead and enjoy this feature by setting a
four-digit pin. If not, feel free to skip this option we do not have any adult content anyway.

Home Screen

Options available for your perusal and entertainment include Live TV, movies, series
and so much more.

The application consists of the following buttons and information:

• Date And Time
• Account Info
• Settings
• Live TV
• Movies
• Series
• Update EPG
• Catch up
• Master Search
• Subscription Expiration

Live TV

Enjoy 16960Live TV channels online with DoubleClick TV in HD. Watch your favorite TV
shows, news, and sports channels. To stream and watch a channel, tap on the desired
channel category.

Tap the 3 dots at the top right-hand corner for more options


DoubleClick TV users can select from and stream more than 30,000 movies at their

Movie Info

The movie Information section is also available. This option allows you to select a
movie, read the plot, watch the trailer, view cast information, and add a movie to your

Cast Information: Scroll down to see the names and pictures of the cast of the movie of
your choice.


You can also watch your favorite binge-worthy and extremely addictive series and hit
comedy specials from across genres such as comedy, drama, action, news, adventure,
war and politics, reality shows, crime, animation, and so much more


After selecting a series of your choice, you can read the plot, watch the trailer, or go
straight to playing the first episode. You can also select any episode of your choice by
scrolling down.

Update EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
If a channel has an EPG available, it will be displayed under the video player. This option
enables you to view the scheduling information for past, current, and upcoming TV programs for
various channels.
The update EPG option helps you update your program guide.1. When you click update EPG you will be asked ‘ do you want to update EPG
data’, click Yes, please.
2. Then EPG begins downloading
3. After EPG is downloaded it will be added to the respective channels


• The EPG (Electronic Program Guide) contains the following information:
❖ Start Time – the start date and time of a program
❖ End Time – the end date and time of a program
❖ Title – the title of a program
❖ Description – the program summary or what the show is all about

We hope that this guide has helped you install DoubleClick TV and you are already
enjoying the best streaming platform in the universe!
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